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HKAEEP to Grant up to $30,000 Anti-Pandemic Cash for Each Education Centre

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

The extramural education sector is now experiencing a tremendous hardship arising from the COVID-19 epidemic. The Hong Kong Association of Extramural Education Professionals (HKAEEP), together with different sectors of our society, have launched the Extramural Education Industry Support Program (Phase 1) to assist the affected practitioners by providing three types of support: the ‘Relief Grants’, the ‘Business Development Funding’ and ‘Online Teaching Forum’. Applications ( form: will be accepted from today until 4th April, 2022.


Both the ‘Relief Grant’ and the ‘Business Development Subsidy’ will be provided by D&P Education Kingdom Limited (D&P). The former aims to alleviate the financial difficulties of the practitioners of the extramural education industry. An one-off relief grant, ranging from HKD2,000 to 30,000, will be given to businesses upon the completion of an easy application process. The latter is to assist practitioners to expand their businesses and increase their source of income through cooperative promotion of teaching materials. This funding is calculated on a pro rata basis. There will be no upper limit on the funding amount.

An ‘Online Teaching Forum’ will be held in mid-April, hosted by scholars and industry professionals who are concerned about the development of the extramural education industry. HKAEEP is honored to have invited scholars from the Education University of Hong Kong, including Dr. TANG Hei Hang Hayes, Dr. LU Jiafang, Dr. LEE Hui Lin Daphnee, Dr. LEE Tsz Lok Trevor, Dr. YUNG Wai Ho Kevin and Dr. CHEN Junjun; industry professionals from Microsoft, the ‘Intelligent Management Platform Classeek’ developed by Stark Chan Yik Hei’s team, and the online contest platform Fun Fun Arena, to speak at the event. These experts will share their insights on the impact of the epidemic on teaching and learning, and the teacher-student, home-school relationship. The webinar aims to shed light on the survival and development of the industry, and the issue of strengthening parent-teacher partnership, during the period when face-to-face classes are suspended. Attendees might get a 3-month trial of the Classeek intelligent management program to aid their operations.

Application forms and guidelines have been uploaded on the HKAEEP website ( HKAEEP will send email or letters to inform the relevant license holders or venue operators about the support schemes. Upon receipt of the application forms and relevant supporting documents, the grants will be disbursed in two weeks at the soonest.


The Hong Kong Association of Extramural Education Professionals (HKAEEP)

HKAEEP undertakes the mission to take forward the standardization and professional development of the extramural education industry. It strives to promote industry self-regulation, including but not limited to course content, teacher quality and modes of operation, and initiate licensing system.It is committed to bridging communications between the industry and the government, conveying views to relevant authorities, advocating recommendations that are beneficial to students, the industry, and all related parties.

Funding Organization

D&P Education Kingdom Limited (D&P)

D&P Education Kingdom Limited is a joint venture company of D Mind Education Limited, a subsidiary of K11.

Supporting Organization


Microsoft work closely with Non-profits, educational institutions and public sectors to create a broad & real impact in the community, to drive the sustainable growth and to harbor a healthy economy in HK.


Founded by CHAN Yik Hei's, Stark, Bull. B Tech developed Classeek to bridge the learning center, Parents, Teachers and Students with App and online platform. It is aimed to strengthen communication and minimise administrative works.

Fun Fun Arena

Specialized in organizing territory-wide online competitions to create a diversified stage for Hong Kong students. Competition covers arts, academics and sports.


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