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Exam of Extramural Education Profession (EEEP)

Generally, parents, students and employers rely on tutors’ academic qualifications or work experience that is difficult to verify to judge their abilities, and lack a set of objective criteria to judge the tutor’s “professional education” ability. In order to promote the continuous development of the education and training profession, help the industry to set uniform standards, and enable instructors and practitioners to obtain accreditation qualifications, the Association has designed the "Teaching and Training Professional Examination" for practitioners or those who intend to join the education and training industry to apply for the exam.

​Exam Scope and Eligibility

Legal knowledge

1. Knowledge of National Security Law

2. Knowledge about education regulations

Education and training knowledge

1. Basic teaching knowledge

2. Knowledge about children's physical and mental health


1. People over 18 years old

2. Able to read Chinese and take the test using a computer

Certificate of Extramural Education Profession

Basic conditions:

  1. Hong Kong permanent residents

  2. Have not been convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment in Hong Kong or elsewhere

  3. Possess a pass certificate for the "Off-campus Teaching Training Professional Examination" issued by the Association

Education or experience requirements:

  • a bachelor's degree; or

  • obtain an equivalent qualification; or

  • Proof of teaching and training work for more than 5 years

Those who meet the above qualifications can apply for the "Professional Education Certificate" from the Association. If you are interested, please click this link .

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