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About Extramural Education

The role of extramural education institutions


Extramural education institutions, as the name suggests, are education providers outside the formal school system, serving students, parents, and even the schools. As a part of the education sector, extramural education should play a complementary role for school education. Practitioners and educators in the industry should better understand the role of schools# so to better cooperate with them in educating and nurturing the future pillars of our society.

As part of the education sector, practitioners and educators in the extramural education industry are obliged to:
1. Foster students’ positive values, and encourage students to contribute to our society and the country;
2. Continue to learn and develop professionally, so as to provide quality teaching;
3. Respect and care for students;
4. Facilitate students’ whole-person and all-rounded development;
5. Put students’ physical and mental well-being as a top priority; 
6. Bridging the gap between parents’ expectations and students’ performance;
7. Maintain healthy competition within the industry, not exaggerate and provide misleading information.


#Role of the school

"Schools should have a sound management system which involves the participation of various stakeholders, including teachers and parents etc. The school management should also establish a good management culture to facilitate the professional development of teachers and create a harmonious school atmosphere. Schools should also formulate reasonable objectives and provide students with a proper learning environment. They should offer students balanced learning opportunities in the five aspects of development, i.e., moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic as well as nurture them to be responsible citizens. Finally, schools should be self-directed, flexible and seek for continuous improvement and development in order to meet the needs of the community.” - Education Bureau, Hong Kong SAR

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