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Extramural Education Industry
Funding and Support Program 
( Phase 1)

from April
The Hong Kong Association of Extramural Education Professionals​
Funding Organization:
D&P Education Kingdom Ltd.

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Supporting Organizations:
The Education University of Hong Kong, Microsoft, Intelligent Management Platform Classeek developed by Stark Chan, Online Contest Platform Fun Fun Arena
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Up to $30,000 Anti-Pandemic Cash for each Education Institution

The livelihoods of the extramural education sector have been impacted by the epidemic. Switching from traditional face-to-face instruction to online teaching has also brought challenges to practitioners. The Hong Kong Association of Extramural Education Professionals (HKAEEP) brings together professionals in the field, to help businesses stay afloat, and to provide technical support to educators in providing students with effective online learning.

3 support schemes available
(You may apply multiple schemes at once)

Browse through the schemes we have to offer!


Provided by D&P Education Kingdom Limited(D&P), the relief grant ranging from $2,000 to $30,000 will be offered to applicants depending on the operation size of the applicants’ institute.


Upon receiving an application acknowledgement email, post the given D&P promotion materials on your social platform and send via contact group, and reply with proof.

(Click here for sample promotion materialss)

Receive a confirmation email, check the beneficiary bank information and reply.

Receive the grant in cheque.

(To be disburse starting April)

Business Development Funding

Expand your business through cooperative promotion of teaching materials with D&P. This funding is calculated on a pro rata basis. There will be no upper limit on the funding amount.


Upon receiving the application acknowledgement email, draw up a cooperation agreement with D&P* which details the types of teaching materials to be promoted and profit-sharing terms.

Receive an email with sales figure, confirm the data, check the beneficiary bank information and reply.

Receive the funding per agreed terms.**

(Scheme starts in April)

*The cooperation agreement will solely be between members and D&P. HKAEEP will have no responsibility or liability for the contents of the agreements.

Online teaching Forum

Scholars from the Education University of Hong Kong, Microsoft, Classeek and Fun Fun Arena join hands to share their insights in distanced teaching and learning. Classeek offers a 3-month trial of the “intelligent Management Platform” for attendee.


Receive an enrolment confirmation email with forum details.

Attend the forum

(to be held on 15th April)

Who Are We

Eligibility requirements

The programme accepts applications from institutes and organizations. The eligibility criteria are as listed. 
The execution council reserves the right of final decision on the eligibility of applicants of this program.


Educational institutions and centres
(regardless of registration status)

  • Private schools offering non-formal curriculum (Tutorial schools registered under Education Ordinance); or

  • Exempted schools (Provides of interest classes, playgroups, physical education, art, STEM courses to local secondary and primary students)


Student headcount

  • Have no fewer than 30 students (according to the enrolment capacity of your institute); or

  • Have no fewer than 30 students on average in the past 3 months (Dec 2021 to Feb 2022).

  • Student headcount is the actual number of individual students enrolled, instead of the total class count. Students may be enrolled in more than one class at an institute, but they should be counted only once.


Member of HKAEEP

  • Exclusive for organizational membership

  • Organizational membership are identified by brand name. Franchisees operating branches must apply through their franchisers as a single ‘organization’.


Business status

  • In operation and 

  • expected to continue operating in the coming 6 months.


Physical business premises

  • Having at least one school / classroom.

Key Dates

March 7

Application start date

April 4

Application deadline

2-6 weeks

Processing time

  • Upon receiving all the relevant documents, the grant is expected to be approved in 2-6 weeks. The actual processing time may vary.

  • Applications will be processed in the order they are received.

The execution council of this program is composed of the Hong Kong Association of Extramural Education Professionals and D&P Education Kingdom Limited. The council reserves the right of final decision on all matters relating to this program. All details of the program will be subjected to the terms listed in the final cooperation agreements.

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