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Education Seminar "Imagining the School of the Future: Innovation and Inheritance"

教育界舉辦研討會 剖析創科潮流下的教育趨勢
"21st-century Education Symposium - "Imagining the School of the Future: Innovation and Inheritance" participants Principal Yau Siu-hong (left 1st)、Principal Li Kin-man (left 4th)、Prof Cheng Kai-ming (middle) and Edution Network directors (Right 1st to 4th).

[Hong Kong, July 9, 2022] Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the cross-sectoral educational organization Edution Network, Social Entrepreneurship School Education and Fullness Social Enterprise Society today held "21st-century Education Symposium - "Imagining the School of the Future: Innovation and Inheritance". The event attracted more than 300 educators and social creators to participate. Participants agreed that future school education should not only acquire existing knowledge, but also equip students with soft skills such as innovation and problem-solving to adapt to global changes and enable them to face significant changes in artificial intelligence and society.

Dr Kee Chi-hing, J.P., is the Chair of Fullness Social Enterprises Society, said that in order to practice social innovation successfully, young entrepreneurs today need cross-disciplinary and cross-sector leadership skills.

Professor Cheng Kai-ming, Director of Education Policy Unit at the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong, pointed out that national education in the post-epidemic era needs to meet three important conditions: "step-by-step", "comprehensive design" and "empathy" before it can be truly implemented on campus.

Principal Lau Chun-hung, chairman of the Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council, said that education in the future would be more personal and personalized. He also shared his experience in implementing the "Yingxi Academy" project. He believed that future education should break through the framework of the HKDSE to help teachers and students become school changers.

Ms Tricia Kwong of DBS Bank shared the experience of banks accompanying the development of social enterprises, and believed that banks can play a role beyond their own business and work together with social enterprises and schools to promote social innovation.

Mr Ken Lo, CEO of SEED Foundation, said that the business community could become a peer of the school, providing students with information technology learning resources and internship opportunities, so that they have the chance to acquire skills necessary for their future careers.

Event Name: 21st-century Education Symposium - "Imagining the School of the Future: Innovation and Inheritance"

Date: 2022 July 9 (Saturday)


AM Session 08:30-12:30

PM Session 14:30-16:30

Venue: Lecture Hall, LT5, Lee Shau Kee Building, Chinese University of Hong Kong


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